Business Process Development

Business process development solutions from Rocket Station set your virtual teams on the path to success. We provide your team with step-by-step methods to achieve the goals of your business.

We identify clearly defined roles and responsibilities in every department. Whether its sales and marketing, customer service, bookkeeping or order fulfillment, everyone has clarity on the objectives and integration is seamless.

What Is Business Process Development?

Business process development is a series of steps performed in order to achieve concrete business goals. Each step in a business process denotes a task that is assigned to specified team members.

The Rocket Station Approach:

At Rocket Station, we work with you to extract, document and implement these systems for you. We create a custom solution for every client through our highly collaborative approach to understand your business and objectives at its core.

Here is how we do it:

  • Identify the areas of inefficiency or roles we are hiring for
  • Document the systems and processes as they live in your company today
  • Review and revise to ensure maximum process efficiency
  • Create custom tailored solutions based on your goals and KPI’s

Then, we go to work. We document each step along the way, creating in-depth SOP’s, training material and staffing virtual teams to fill in the gaps.

Key Reasons to have a well-defined business process.

Essential Attributes of a successful business process

Finite: a strong business process needs to have a distinct start and finish, with a finite number of steps.

Repeatable: your business process should be indefinitely repeatable.

Valuable: your business process creates value through executable tasks. No step in your process should feel like a filler – if any step does not add value, it should not exist.

Flexible: your business process should be flexible to change as your business grows. When an opportunity for improvement is identified, the process should be flexible to change without drastically affecting stakeholders.

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