Marketing Manager

  • Are you a proactive, strategic self-starter who loves the analytics of marketing?
  • Are you a curious self-teacher who loves to find a way to make things work?
  • Do you want to work in a high-growth entrepreneurial company where you can leverage your marketing skills to make a significant impact?
  • Do you think most people who say they are in marketing are full of hot air and fluff?

If so, as Marketing Manager for Rocket Station, you will help us gain traction and momentum through multiple marketing channels. This is a hands-on, always find-a-way role for a talented, tech-savvy, outcomes-focused marketer.

You will be responsible for the growth and cultivation of qualified leads.

Specifically, you will

  • Manage traditional media TV & Radio campaigns
  • Manage, test and optimize SEO/SEM campaigns
  • Develop and manage marketing drip funnel
  • Develop content marketing strategy
  • Manage and optimize social media channels
  • Gather and analyze data to find what works, and always be adjusting

This role is part strategist, part hands-on data cruncher, and a large part project manager. You will manage a team of remote creatives, writers, analysts, and data entry people, so you won’t be stuck in the weeds.

Rocket Station is a high-growth entrepreneurial company with a solid foundation of over 400 team members. We have a product and service offering that is a perfect complement to high-growth companies which allows them to scale without the hassles of managing menial tasks.

If you want to be in on the early stages of a successful startup, don’t mind getting your hands dirty and working hard, and love being rewarded for outcomes you create, Click here to apply,