Right The We'll Show You How Hiring is hard. Training is harder. We help you document the processes you need so you can get the results you want from your virtual talent
Process For Hiring Virtual Talent Successfully
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Custom Role Documentation

Built For You Training Playbooks

All Managed For You

The Success Of Your Virtual Hires
Depends On A Great Process, Not Luck.

After placing 1000’s of Virtual Teammates, we’ve learned that there’s no substitute for great process. What does that process look like for our clients? We’re glad you asked…

We Document What You Need For Success.

Before we send you candidates, our development experts will fully document your open position, developing standard operating procedures, checklists, training materials and positional benchmarks.

We empower your Virtual Teammates success from day one.

We Connect You With Great People Who Fit Your Job.

We’re not sending you email introductions to random strangers. You’ll get a selection of qualified candidates to choose from, and we’ll handle all of the communication, scheduling, and interviews. We want you to enjoy the hiring process.

We Make Sure Your Virtual Team Gets The Job Done.

We make sure you virtual teammates stay on track and hit the benchmarks you set for them. From daily check-ins, time carding and training support, you never have to worry about if the job is getting done.
We manage the details so you can handle the big picture.

A Virtual Team That Understands Real Estate

Rocket Station surrounds you with affordable virtual talent who know real estate.

From process map your open position, give you top quality candidates ready to go, and we’ll make sure whoever you choose is prepped for success in any role you put them in.

Get a virtual team to handle everything you need done, so you can make an even bigger impact on your business.

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