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We bring you leads and deals to grow your portfolio

887 Reviews on google…5 star average rating…we exist to serve you and your company's vision!

Just some comments from business’ who have been able to grow with Rocket Station:

Our assistants exist to find and qualify leads you'll love

Between finding solid investment leads to handling over 10 fix-up projects, juggling all the plates of a growing portfolio can eat up a lot of your valuable time. The average REI spends 15 hours per week doing tasks our assistants can do.

Let a virtual expert take on time-draining tasks like:

See how virtual assistants can help you secure 5+ MORE profit-rich leads a month.

Hassle-Free Hiring

ZERO Employee Liability

Affordable Hourly Rates

The Easiest Hire You'll Ever Make... Guaranteed!


Book a Discovery Call

Our Virtual Staffing Experts will find out exactly what you need in your next hire. No job description? No worries! Our team will make sure we know exactly what you're looking for.


Get Matched

You work with our team and we document EXACTLY how you want the job done. Then we bring you pre-trained candidates that are the perfect fit for what you need.



Get Started

Forget about sorting through hundreds of resumes. Our team puts in 236 hours with every candidate to bring you 3 that are a perfect match. All you have to do is select the one that you think is the perfect fit.

Trusted By Some of The Top Players in Real Estate Investing

Experience The Same Exceptional Service That’s Won Over Hundreds Of Industry Leaders

How We Do It

Rocket Station's management support ensures your virtual team members are your BEST team members from beginning to end.

Meet the VAs

Top-notch virtual assistants, trained specifically for your real estate investing business!

Find Your Perfect Price

For only $11/hr, you can hire a VA to handle everything you need done.

Hear It Straight From Satisfied Clients

Find out how virtual assistants have been a game-changer for other real estate investing companies!

VAs That Know Real Estate Investing

Land Flippers

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