Property Management

Our Property Management Virtual Assistants provide property management companies with a high quality, cost-effective offshore, industry trained administration service that cuts the labor cost.

Here are the tasks to delegate to a Property Management Virtual Assistant/s.

  • Maintain marketing and advertising of properties and keep an eye on competitors
  • Create marketing strategies and relevant content  to attract prospective tenants and fill property vacancies
  • Contact prospective residents for follow-ups
  • Create occupancy policies and procedures
  • Ensure cash flow through rental fee collection and strictly enforcing late fees
  • Select right tenants by establishing tenant screening process
  • Assist in finding an onsite staff
  • Handle lease terms to protect the owner
  • Maintain accurate inventory of properties available to rent, list of  prospective residents, and resident information including renewals
  • Manage and provide solutions to  tenant complaints and emergencies
  • Coordinate evictions and move-outs via calls and emails.
  • Coordinate and schedule  property maintenance and repairs through calls and emails
  • Organize property records such as list of all inspections, signed leases, maintenance requests, complaints, records and costs of reports and maintenance, records of rent collection and insurance
  • Review and proofread documents