Kevin O’Leary

Interesting, very productive, very focus and result is measurable. Check out Rocket Station.

Kevin Harrington

Rocket Station allows me to have more flexibility, more efficiency, less risk, as well as it lets me focus on the things that I do best. 

Janelle Nielsen

We have had an absolutely wonderful experience with Rocket Station. They have always been helpful, kind, responsive and knowledgeable. We have had our VA with Rocket Station for well over a year and remain very happy with both the VA and Rocket Station’s involvement.

Oliver Marie

I am very pleased with the services that my company has received with Rocket Station. The Rocket Station Team has helped my company complete the following tasks: marketing properties with online ads, emailing counties, contacting clients through social media and email, management of the company social media and posting articles/podcasts on social media. They are …

Ben Legg

From the very start Rocket Station has gone above and beyond my expectations. They have a systematized process to map out your business and understand what your hiring needs are. They have vetted each potential hire and help you go through the interview process. We found an absolute rock star for our company that embodies …

James Cargile

We have been working with Rocket Station for several months now, and I could not be more pleased. The core skill set that is instilled in the VAs is really superb. They are detail oriented, team oriented, and make life much easier!!



“Rocket station helps you focus on doing what you do best.”

Kevin Harrington

"More productivity increases profit - thats the truth of any business, any sector, and that’s what Rocket Station does."

Kevin O'Leary

“I am extremely happy with the service I've gotten. The leadership is incredible”

Joe Atha
Property Management Inc.

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