Ultimate Guide 2D: Using LinkedIn to Find Real Estate Cash Buyers

LinkedIn searches can produce a treasure trove of leads for your real estate investing business, if done right. By utilizing LinkedIn to find real estate cash buyers, you can join groups that will connect you to other relevant investors. When you connect with a group, you can send messages to get information about who might be buying properties, and make connections to those that are buying. Before you know it, you could build a network of buyers, or connect with other wholesalers to partner on deals.

The best part? LinkedIn is a free resource with over 400 million users. We know of several real estate investing groups with over 100k members as well.

The keyword research we provided you in our Craigslist and Google guides (link to each) also applies for LinkedIn. Simply popping “real estate investor” into the search bar at the top of the screen will lead to tons of potentially relevant results:


Although there are numerous relevant groups that you can choose to join, we are going to focus on how to use LinkedIn to find real estate cash buyers.

On the top right side of the results page, you can “filter” your search to help isolate real estate investors who are relevant to you and your business. Select specific locations, connections and other key details to narrow down your list, then start clicking around to find potential buyers.

Some real estate investors will list their websites, email addresses and even phone numbers in their profile, while others will require you to send InMail, LinkedIn’s secure mail system. If you aren’t immediately connected to users, you’ll need to either request to connect with them before emailing, or will need to upgrade your LinkedIn package to include InMail options.

Some terms that we look for on LinkedIn profiles:

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Real Estate Wholesaler
  • Co-Wholesaler
  • Real Estate Bird Dogs
  • Real Estate Agents

Even if you don’t wind up finding potential buyers’ contact info via LinkedIn, you should still add them to your ongoing list. Include what you can immediately see in the LinkedIn search—first and last name, company name, location—and try and flesh out contact and key details through a quick Google search.

Usually, this one-two punch will get you everything you need to make that all-important first contact. Just be sure to note the source as “LinkedIn” on your buyers list so you can keep these leads straight—and make reference to how you spotted them when you do connect.

In addition to using LinkedIn to find cash buyers, we also recommend posting ongoing content to your LinkedIn feed and the groups that you join. This will allow the cash buyers to see that you are a prominent thought leader in your space, and will get buyers to contact YOU. What could be better?

By utilizing Craigslist, Search Engines and LinkedIn to find Real Estate cash buyers, you will have a knockout list before you know it, allowing you to dominate your region.

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