What can a Virtual Bookkeeper do for you?

Do you spend endless hours tallying up receipts and managing spreadsheets? Are errors in your current bookkeeping processes costing you extra money? Have you considered hiring a virtual bookkeeper to manage the numbers for you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 


When it comes to hiring a virtual bookkeeper, we know there is a lot to consider. Your company’s finances are nothing to be taken lightly, and you want to place your trust with only the best. Your finances, however, are not the only thing that you juggle to keep your business running smoothly. 

You may even feel that you don’t have time to figure out how to manage a relationship with a virtual team. The truth is, you are probably already more virtual than you realize! Do you facetime with family or friends? Do you use email, slack, or zoom to communicate with clients or teammates? Rocket Station Virtual Teams use the same tools you are already using to communicate, so integration with your business will be seamless.


Rocket Station virtual teams will take the pressure off you to handle all the routine daily tasks that are essential to your organization. While many of your tasks are essential, it doesn’t mean you have to be the one doing them. 

Only you can:

  • Make long term decisions for your organization
  • Forecast your financial plan based on the data
  • Make strategic decisions for communicating your company’s vision
  • Hire an assistant to help with collecting bookkeeping and billing information
  • Familiarize yourself with the tools you desire to use for your finances
  • Code expenses and provide receipts with transaction details
  • Give your bookkeeper access to bank accounts, financial software, point of sale software, etc.

Your virtual bookkeeper can:

  • Provide data entry
  • Create expense reports
  • Process and pay vendor invoices and monthly bills
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Maintain the chart of accounts
  • Debit & Credit Card Reconciliation


Fewer things will be as costly as poor money management for your small business. Hiring a virtual bookkeeper will allow you to save more while getting the maximum value for your business. Virtual bookkeeping services are also more cost effective than having a salaried bookkeeper


Virtual bookkeeping services have experienced, trained bookkeepers who will manage your accounts on your schedule, without the added cost of office space, benefits, and equipment. 


When you’re juggling everything on your own, your focus on bookkeeping is likely not the priority. Virtual bookkeeping services can provide financial reporting, so once tax season arrives, your accountant is ready to go. 


Includes your ongoing salaries, benefits, office supplies. The easiest way to reduce administrative expenses is to cut staff, or to consider utilizing an outsourcing provider. When you hire virtual, you pay an hourly rate and do not need to factor in the expenses of insurance and other benefits. By utilizing virtual teams, you gain access to global talent at a lower cost than salaried or part time local employees.


Virtual bookkeepers can check off the tasks that tend to end up at the bottom of your to-do lists, which will save you time, stress, and a huge headache at the end of the year


Need we say more? If none of the other benefits for hiring a virtual bookkeeper resonate with you, surely you can at least appreciate a service that can give you a little peace of mind while you juggle literally everything else in your business.

Let’s face it – hiring is complicated. Rocket Station takes the guess work out of it. Our team of highly vetted virtual bookkeepers are already familiar with the bookkeeping tools that you are using, and are ready to seamlessly integrate with you and your teams. Contact us to learn more about how our virtual teams can help you!

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