What is a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

virtual marketing assistant

The core purpose of your business is not marketing. I know that may sound weird at first glance, but hear me out…

The purpose of what you do is to provide a valuable product or service to your clients. It is this core business that should take up most of your time.

Yet, you need to market your business if you want it to succeed, and marketing done right takes time and expertise. Balancing the core responsibilities of serving your clients with effective marketing is not easy.

Can you outsource your marketing to another professional at an affordable price? Answer:Yes. A virtual marketing assistant can cover important marketing responsibilities while you concentrate on your core business.

What is a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

A virtual marketing assistant is a professional marketing expert. They can be trained to cover general marketing responsibilities or often specialize in one or two marketing areas.

A few areas marketing VA’s can specialize in include:


Social media marketing


Content marketing


Digital marketing


Email campaigns


Lead generation


Graphic design




SEO expert

Virtual marketing assistants work remotely, sometimes from anywhere in the world, to support your marketing efforts and assist in fulfilling the marketing needs of your company. Hiring a marketing virtual assistant allows you to cost-effectively fill a range of roles within your business by outsourcing it to an expert in different marketing functions. This allows you to concentrate your time on your core business responsibilities and grow your company.

Different Types of Virtual Assistants

Usually, the first thing to pop into your head when thinking about outsourcing business functions is to hire a VA to handle general administrative tasks remotely. These may be considered no experience virtual assistant jobs. This is not, however, even close to the extent of what a trained virtual assistant can do.

Virtual assistant outsourcing can run a large gamut of roles and responsibilities, depending on your business needs. From a data entry virtual assistant to an eCommerce virtual assistant or technical virtual assistant, you can effectively cover an array of business functions. By hiring a virtual assistant, bookkeeping to booking calls can be handled by an expert professional at an affordable cost. A bilingual virtual assistant can even help bridge gaps in communication. Within the realm of marketing, a VA can cover anything from social media management to lead generation or graphic design projects. Let’s dig a little deeper into these different virtual marketing assistant roles and the benefits they provide for your company.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

A social media VA is an expert in accessing and communicating through different social media channels. Staying on top of your social media feed takes time and effort. It also takes planning to keep the online conversation going with your customer base with consistent and relevant content.

A virtual marketing assistant that specializes in social media can help you enhance your social media strategy by:


Targeting potential clients through the right channel


Monitoring media pages


Conducting market and competitor research


Scheduling posts


Measuring the impact of your messaging

If you have a market that you are striving to reach or reach better, there is a social media expert available through outsourcing. This can include a Pinterest virtual assistant who is well-versed in this specialized social media channel. Or for example, if you are a real estate professional, real estate posts for social media may include video walkthroughs, buying or home maintenance tips, or neighborhood history or facts. The point is, if you want to hire a VA that is well-versed in the real estate business and specializes in social media marketing, you can. The best thing about outsourcing in today’s world is how easy it is to access that talent.

Copywriter/Content Writer

The world moves pretty fast, and so does content. Long gone are the days of putting your product or service into a brochure or up on your website and forgetting about it. Content is king, and copywriters or content writers know how to create it.

Filling this role is about more than just being able to write well. A copywriter puts your brand forward in the voice that speaks to who your company is, and what it does best. A skilled copywriter keeps your target audience engaged. It’s more than just writing something for the sake of feeding the feed. It is about quality. Outsourcing this responsibility allows you to access the best of the best while you concentrate on what you do best.

Lead Generation Expert

Good content is only good if it hits the right audience. You need to engage this audience as a potential lead to convert them into a client.

A lead generation expert knows how to navigate and populate your CRM and build your sales funnel to turn a lead into a client. They can find leads, cultivate leads, and assist you in converting them to customers. This can efficiently contribute to your business development team and the ultimate growth of your company.

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

You may have a lot of good ideas for your marketing strategy but not a lot of time to dedicate to consistently implementing it. A digital marketing VA can put your plan to work by coordinating and implementing the tactics involved.
A virtual marketing assistant in this area can assist in:


Organizing your marketing calendar


Conducting market research to uncover insights and trends


Developing new business opportunities


Optimizing the use of your marketing tools


Implementing digital marketing campaigns


Building brand connections across multiple channels


Reporting the outcomes of digital marketing campaigns

Email Marketer

An email marketing expert can manage your email campaigns with convincing content that captures the attention of leads. This specialized skill includes knowing who to send to, what to say, and when to send it. Outsourcing your email campaigns to a virtual marketing assistant can put this marketing function into capable hands.

AdWords Expert

Hiring an expert that can manage your display and targeted ads can help you cut through the deluge of Internet advertising. By helping you boost your ads on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites, a VA with this expertise can help your ads reach your target audience.

SEO Virtual Assistant

An SEO virtual assistant possesses the expertise to help bring your company to the top of searches through search engine optimization (SEO). An expert in this field can:

Search and implement the best keywords

Boost your online presence and Google search ranking

Drive meaningful traffic to your website

Optimize, update, and maintain your website

Creative Virtual Assistant

Marketing campaigns often require creative content that includes visual and video elements. Creative virtual assistants fulfill roles for this creative output with specialized design skills. They can create a lasting impression on your target audience. Research studies over the last twenty years have shown that 65% of the world’s population are visual learners, which is why a strong visual will stick in front of the mind. A graphic designer displays your brand for visual appeal, gaining attention and recognition and making an impact with potential customers. 

Videographers, editors, bloggers, and podcast editors are also types of creative virtual assistants. The skills of someone who can brand the visual voice of your company is worth harnessing.

The Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant saves you costs on fixed expenses such as space and equipment. It also gives you the flexibility to hire part-time, per project, or per hour. You can hire during busy times, specific campaigns, or only for monthly, repeatable tasks. This agility is both cost-effective and efficient.

Virtual outsourcing also gives you access to a worldwide talent pool of professionals. Technology removes the geographical barriers of affordably hiring the person with the skills you need.

How to Hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant

The first step in hiring a virtual marketing assistant is to analyze and understand where you need the most assistance. An agency can help you get a virtual team together for you to outsource the right way. Hiring an agency to handle the sourcing, hiring, and managing of these new team members can be the key to unlocking your company’s growth potential. An agency can open up a world of talent that understands your business and assist with everything from how to set up contracts for virtual assistants to effectively leveraging a remote team.

The Value of Time

It is possible to balance the critical work at the core of your business with the marketing responsibilities that help make your business a success. 

A virtual marketing assistant can boost your productivity by taking things off your plate but also help grow your company by fulfilling marketing roles with expert skills. A virtual marketing assistant makes it possible to add the value of covering marketing responsibilities without the added operational expenses. This allows you to put your valuable time where it is most needed.

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