Why Google & Other Successful Companies use Outsourcing

Several of the world’s most successful businesses have one thing in common – they outsource some of their business operations work. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Slack, Apple, Walmart, and IBM have embraced that outsourcing can bring numerous benefits to businesses. These benefits include reduced costs, time savings, employee flexibility, improvement in control of internal resources, and increased access to talent – among others.

Here is why these successful companies use outsourcing to help grow their businesses.

GOOGLE – demand and customer service outsourcing

Although google has an in house team of around 90k employees, they continue to use a lot of contractors. In fact, starting in 2018, the number of contract workers at Google outnumbered their direct employees. 

Google outsources to vendors for two main reasons: it allows them access to global talent that they do not have in house, and it covers their needs during US employees parental leaves. Outsourced employees at Google help maintain profitability for the tech giant year after year.

WALMART – back office operations and accounting outsourcing

As the world continues to transition towards a digital space, Walmart realized they needed to change how they work to reflect changes in how their customers were shopping. To them, this meant outsourcing their back office operations and accounting needs. By doing so, were able to improve quality, reduce process lengths, and deliver more value to their customers. 

MICROSOFT  – customer service and management outsourcing

Microsoft employs 131k in-house employees that are largely supplemented by a contract employees.  Microsoft uses outsourcing to manage the day-to-day of their contract workers, which reduces the workload of their in-house team members. 

SLACK – development, branding and marketing outsourcing

Slack is one of the most widely used workplace communication services. In order to reach their success, Slack outsourced their app design, logo creation, and marketing efforts to help create their product as it stands today. 

Slack vouches for the versatility of strategy when outsourcing – verifying that hiring global talent is crucial for success in building and refining an organizations structure.



In addition to decreased labor and operational costs, outsourcing gives businesses access to global talent. The benefits of outsourcing are not limited to large corporations – with the right partner, even startups and SMBs can successfully outsource their business operations. 

A wide range of services, such as call center staffing, telemarketing, lead generation, virtual assistants, and more can be utilized within any organization to grow your business and streamline operations. 

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