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rent roll

What Is Rent Roll in Real Estate?

Whether you are a commercial real estate investor, a rental property owner, or a rental property manager, it is necessary to understand a property’s rental income stream. Rent roll is a vital tool for doing this. If you want an easy way to identify the rental income generated by a…
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property management growth strategies

Property Management Growth Strategy

If only your job could be as easy as collecting rent on time. As a property manager, you work tirelessly to keep your tenants happy while also managing maintenance requests, property records, finances, and lead-generation marketing techniques. That’s a lot to have on your plate! What could help you is…
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virtual leasing

Virtual Leasing: The Hidden Alternative

For the real estate and property management sector that spent a majority of their pre-COVID time interacting with homebuyers, renters, and residents face-to-face, the pandemic has forced them to develop ways of operating in a contactless, digital world. This meant working hard to innovate and adapt to an exclusively virtual…
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