• Vetted, screened and highly qualified Virtual Team members with a college degree and minimum 6 years of business experience
  • Full development of procedures and SOP’s to systematize the VA’s role
  • Ongoing support/additional VA hiring/Additional process and SOP development
  • No HR headaches, zero employee liability
  • Ongoing account support through our client service team

Your client services manager acts as your account executive. They will be your direct line of communication to Rocket Station corporate and be your built in HR. They are in place to support both you and your VA to ensure all resources are being maximized.

No, Rocket Station does not manage the VA for you. The client services team supports both you and the VA for the duration of the account, but our expectation is that your manage you dedicated VA the same way you would and in office employee.

We bill on the 11th and the 26th of the month based on “pay periods”. The Invoice dated on the 11th covers any work done from the 26th of the prior month to the 10th of the current month. The Invoice dated on the 26th covers any work done from the 11th of the current month to the 25th of the current month.

All VA’s go through a 6 week training module that has them working in sales, admin, marketing, as well as support. We use this time to train the VA in the Rocket Station way – but more importantly, our business coaches use it to truly evaluate talent and understand if what is on the resume actually translates to results.

What makes us different at Rocket Station, is we spend A LOT of time up front understanding your business and the roles your hiring for. The custom operating procedure we build for you is the secret to onboarding a successful VA. We will want you to work with your VA so that they can become an expert in what they do, but the fully developed SOPs as well as the support of your Client Success Manager allows this onboarding process to be much different and much more efficient than typically what people think of when they say “training.”
We like to think we’re REALLY good at matching, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. In this case just let your client services team member know and we facilitate ALL of the HR logistics. From offboarding to getting you in front of another line up of candidates to retraining the new person, we facilitate everything to keep you and your team at its highest efficiency.

If at any point, for any reason, you need to replace your VA, your client services team will be able to provide the necessary resources and training to get your new VA up to speed based on your original VA’s task list and training completed. As long as you have given your client services team the opportunity to communicate openly and work with you, everything is carefully documented.

At minimum, your VA will send you start-of-day and end-of-day reporting, highlighting tasks for the day as well as a recap of what was completed. The VA will also work in your software and platforms, so you will be able to see their daily workflow and track progress. Any additional reporting dashboard can be developed when we map out your systems.

Rocket Station observes the standard 7 US bank holidays. If you require your VAs to work on a holiday their rate will be 1.5% (time and a half). You also have the option to give them the holiday off without pay or the holiday off with pay at their regular rate. Just let your client services team know and we’ll be happy to make sure your wishes are followed.

All our management staff and virtual assistants sign a notarized agreement with a non-disclosure clause as part of their Independent Contractor Agreement and/or Sworn Statement. We value your trust and your privacy and should you require your VA and their immediate supervisors to sign a non-disclosure agreement, we will be happy to review an agreement with you. We’re in this for the long haul. The success of your business is at the forefront of our minds and our goal is to contribute positively and consistently to that growth.

Should you sever ties with your VA (replace va or leave Rocket Station) we will also perform what we call a “system sweep” where our IT department remotely accesses your VA’s drive and wipes everything including any messenger applications, emails, and files on their hard drive related to your and/or your business.

We have call examples we can send you. You also control the entire hiring process. We bring you three candidates per role so you hear and communicate with them before ever making a hiring decision.

All we require is 15 days notice. A simple email to your client service team or myself suffices.

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