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customer service expectations

Are You Responding to Your Customers?

As a property manager, responding to your potential and current tenants is one of the most important aspects of running your business. While you may not be able to respond to every single tenant request and complaint, you should definitely be responsive. There are a lot of things that you…
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3 Keys To A More Profitable AirBnb Business

The Rise of the Service Industry and Airbnb A classic example of the services economy is Uber. It doesn’t own any vehicles, yet it’s valued at over $64.22 billion. Airbnb, similarly, owns no real estate but has a market capitalization of about $107 billion. These companies have been able to grow their…
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Virtual Assistants For Home Service Providers

The labor market is tight. It is more difficult than ever to find workers to support home service companies. But just because it is harder to find the right people doesn’t mean that support is not needed. If you’re self-employed or providing home services is your business, then your time…
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