Benefits of Business Process Mapping

Strong business processes should be the foundation of any business. The understanding of processes, how they function, and the impact they have will help you better manage your business. This is where Business Process Mapping comes in. 

Mapping processes allows for the visualization of your business functions, and helps you identify gaps in roles – in turn, making your business run more efficiently. With business process mapping is done correctly, there are countless benefits – such as:

Visualization of Roles

Most organizations have likely encountered a situation where a process has not been defined, causing confusion all around. Who is in charge of what? When is the report due? Was nobody double checking this work? How did the airbags go off too early? 

A business process map helps visualize the responsibilities for each team member – it will be very clear which team member is responsible for each step of the process.

Problem Solving

Spotting the problem is easy – the airbags went off too early. Finding the source of your problem can be a bit trickier. A business process map visualizes the entire process that lead to the bottleneck, making it easier to know what went wrong.

Compliance & Risk Management

In addition to identifying causes of inefficiencies, business process mapping is a great tool for spotting potential risks caused by existing processes. Some of these risks can be a cause for legal, heath, and safety issues within your organization.

If you miss a crucial step to comply with governmental regulations, it can be a dangerous situation for your teams and environment. By creating clear process maps, the resources and actionable steps can help ease the process of complying with regulatory standards.

Establishment of Best Practices 

Once business process mapping has been efficiently optimized and rolled out within an organization, the map can be used as a resource for best practices, as well as a guideline in mapping other business processes. This will provide cohesion within the organization, allows for benchmarking, and will allow for easier identification of potential underperformance in your process steps.

Siloed mentalities can find their way into any business over time, causing team members of all levels to lose sight of end goals. Even when you focus on just one organizational process, business process mapping can help everyone re-focus on the big picture, and know the steps required to achieve the company goals.