Building Virtual Teams – The New Normal. Robert Nickell Describes His Experience

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I had a really hard time at the beginning building teams, building culture, and being a great leader in my organization. There was so much to do in the day today I was so focused on outcomes and implementation, that driving culture and building the correct virtual teams were things I struggled with every single day.

Remote teams and virtual management is really not anything new. The military is probably the most complex organization that I can think of using remote teams and virtual teams all over the world to accomplish large missions on a scale that’s hard to even really imagine.
Americans historically were a work from home labor force – cobblers, weavers, bakers and blacksmiths all worked out of their homes. The Industrial Revolution pulled people from their homes into the factories for the first time. We didn’t even really build office buildings until we had public transportation and the advent of electricity.

When we think of words like telecommuting, it feels like a relatively recent phenomenon but telecommuting goes back in 1973 when a NASA scientist Jack Nelius coined the term. Virtual management of remote teams is really nothing new – the only thing that is new is that billions of people are forced to figure out this new normal, seemingly overnight.

Today at Rocket Station, we are business as usual. Not because we had to make any changes, but because we have been efficiently operating virtually since 2013. What’s really rewarding is that we get to do so much more than just find amazing team members for our client partners – We get to help people become amazing leaders and build amazing culture within their organizations. Obviously I’m going to assume you have a team full of rock stars. If you don’t have amazing people in your organization you don’t have a chance. But once you have amazing people, now it’s time to create a process around Leadership, Management, and building an amazing culture within your organization.

Management, leadership and culture – it all comes down to a process. I am going to give you some tips and some of our secrets. My name is Robert Nickell – CEO and Founder of Rocket Station, and I am excited to show you how amazing you can be at virtual teams management and leadership.