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What Makes an Excellent Virtual Assistant?

Having a bit of extra help goes a long way in the success of your small business. This is particularly true for real estate agents who work in one of the most fast-paced industries. But, whatever field you work in, a virtual assistant with relevant skills can greatly boost your…
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Top Customer Experience Trends for 2022

Improving the customer experience has been the focus of companies for some time. But what does this mean after the business and work-life disruptions of the past two years? How do current tech-innovations impact these improvements? Is it possible to make these improvements more agile and affordable? Let’s answer these…
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BPO Will Help Grow Your Real Estate Business – How?

Most businesses start with an initial investment. As the company grows, there is typically additional strategic capital investment along the way but eventually, expansion hits a capacity ceiling. Revenue growth becomes difficult without increased capacity, resulting in a balancing act between investment and growth. The purpose of ITO and BPO…
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