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questions to ask when outsourcing

Important Questions To Ask When Outsourcing

Small business owners across the country have come face to face with a hard truth: Our businesses can’t survive if we don’t embrace the new, post-pandemic work culture. In turn, businesses, big and small, have been outsourcing work to have an edge against their competitors. In this article, we’ll discuss…
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tenant screening

Tenant Screening Tips That Can Save You Money

Renting out a property has always been a good option when you’re looking to create a steady stream of passive income. In just this year, 10.6 American tax filers have declared income from property rentals with average earnings of $97,000 annually. It’s lucrative and generates consistent revenue, but no one…
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property maintenance

Must-Have Skills For A VA Maintenance Coordinator

Nothing is more important to property owners and managers than making sure they are meeting the standards and regulations that tenants deserve. With every rental unit comes a responsibility and to meet this responsibly, there are several daily tasks that need to be accomplished. And as your business grows, you…
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