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How Your VA Can Generate Real Estate Leads

We don’t do much business without clients. That’s why generating leads is as invaluable as closing when it comes to the bottom line. That said, lead generation is no simple task. It requires a great deal of time and energy and a skill set that not all real estate professionals…
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3 Keys To A More Profitable AirBnb Business

The Rise of the Service Industry and Airbnb A classic example of the services economy is Uber. It doesn’t own any vehicles, yet it’s valued at over $64.22 billion. Airbnb, similarly, owns no real estate but has a market capitalization of about $107 billion. These companies have been able to grow their…
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property maintenance

Must-Have Skills For A VA Maintenance Coordinator

Nothing is more important to property owners and managers than making sure they are meeting the standards and regulations that tenants deserve. With every rental unit comes a responsibility and to meet this responsibly, there are several daily tasks that need to be accomplished. And as your business grows, you…
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Hire a VA

Here’s When (and How) to Hire A VA For Maintenance Coordination

Property Maintenance coordinators are an integral part of a business’s maintenance activities, quality assurance, and process control. However, managing rental properties is a demanding operation. Consistently having to follow up on whether or not they’ve completed their routine inspections, collating overwhelming amounts of maintenance requests, tracking supply and material inventories, the list…
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