How Your VA Can Generate Real Estate Leads

lead generation virtual assistant

We don’t do much business without clients. That’s why generating leads is as invaluable as closing when it comes to the bottom line. That said, lead generation is no simple task. It requires a great deal of time and energy and a skill set that not all real estate professionals possess. If you’re looking for a painless way to bring more business through the door, a lead generation virtual assistant might be just the thing you’re looking for.

A good lead generation virtual assistant will not only deliver promising leads consistently, but they can also take care of many of the mundane, daily tasks that eat up so much of our time each day. Let’s look at what a lead generation virtual assistant is and how they can help you make the most of your time and resources.

What is a Lead Generation Virtual Assistant?

A lead generation virtual assistant performs many of the same duties as any other virtual assistant but with the added ability to identify and generate leads. They allow you to expand your workforce in the most efficient way possible. They also take care of a lot of the tasks busy professionals struggle with on their daily checklists. What are those tasks?

What Lead Generation Tasks Do We Delegate to a Lead Generation Virtual Assistant?

Generating leads involves a highly administrative skill set, which can feel painful for an agent who would rather spend their days meeting with clients and viewing properties. To make the most of their specific skill sets, delegate the duties that take you to the place where you and your team can really shine. So, what is the role of lead generation virtual assistants?

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Cold Calling

It can be the most dreaded part of any salesperson’s day, but cold calling is an invaluable part of generating leads. The problem is that you might feel that you’re wasting an incredible amount of time talking to the wrong people before you find yourself on the line with the right ones.

Hiring a lead generation virtual assistant to take care of your cold calling for you will help you become more efficient by delivering the leads without wasting any time. Using that time to better prepare yourself for the conversations that help you close deals will ensure that once you do find yourself on the line with a solid lead, you’re not exhausted from dealing with all the dead ends.

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Email Marketing Campaigns

The first thing many of us do in the morning is check our emails. It’s a very common part of the daily routine. It’s also part of the reason agents don’t have the time to generate and respond to email marketing campaigns. A solid lead generation VA knows the ins and outs of email marketing and can create campaigns that deliver.

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Social Media Marketing Campaigns

A great deal of us check a company’s social media profiles when we’re thinking of doing business with them. We can get a good feel for what they’ve done in the past, who is following them, and how others feel about their products or services. It’s a fantastic marketing tool, but many business owners don’t know how to utilize it to its full potential.

Hiring a lead generation virtual assistant allows you to bring on experienced team members with the lead generation tools and skills to create engaging social media campaigns and follow through with any new contacts.

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Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Old leads can be a fantastic source of potential clients, but if you haven’t reached out to them in a while, you may need to reintroduce yourself. Many lead generation virtual assistants can take on your lead nurturing campaigns, helping you develop and maintain relationships at every phase of the sales process.

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Follow up with Clients to Generate Online Reviews

If you want your firm to have a solid reputation, you have to have enough online reviews to deliver the most positive view of your organization possible. That won’t always happen organically, and if it does, it can take a very long time. A few happy customers will post reviews, but anyone with a bone to pick is likely to leave a review too, bringing your rankings down.

To get those satisfied customers to write online reviews, someone needs to reach out to them. It’s the kind of thing that not all agents are great at finding the time to do, but it’s something a lead generation virtual assistant should be doing with their time. 


Circle Prospecting

Circle prospecting is a valuable strategy for firms and agents, but what is circle prospecting in real estate? It’s a pretty basic concept with big ramifications.

Once you’ve successfully sold a listing for a client, letting the residents in that neighborhood in on the details can turn them into valuable prospects. It’s a concept that has proven itself over and over again, but in order for it to work, you need the right approach. Lead generation virtual assistants have the experience in circle prospecting that can turn those prospects into clients.


Searching for Expired Listings

Not all properties sell right away. While this can be disappointing to a seller, it can be a motivator for an ambitious agent. Searching for expired listings isn’t quite as simple as searching for active listings, meaning it can take up more of your time than you’d like to spend. Searching for expired property listings and expired land listings is a great task to delegate to a virtual assistant.


Generating Wholesaling Leads

Another great task for your lead generation VA is to generate wholesale leads. Many investment firms work heavily with wholesaling, and many of the traditional strategies for generating wholesale leads are falling flat in the age of street corner scam signs.

A good lead generation virtual assistant has the knowledge and tools to find quality wholesaling leads. Pulling lists, skip-tracing your data, managing the upload of this information into your software and marketing tools are just some of the key tasks a lead generation can take off an investors plate.

What Other Tasks Do We Delegate to a Lead Generation Virtual Assistant?

While virtual leads may be the most exciting part of hiring your new virtual assistant, their work doesn’t stop there. In addition to lead generation responsibilities, your virtual assistant will also help you make the most of every day by handling some of the standard administrative duties that go along with running a successful business.

Scheduling Meetings

Not only is a lead generation virtual assistant a great way to find the leads you’re looking for, but they can schedule your meetings with those leads as well. It’s another daily task that is a great fit for a virtual assistant.

By allowing your virtual assistant to schedule your meetings, you can free up time and focus on all the things you need to do to make the sale.

Property Research

In addition to real estate lead generation, a good lead generation virtual assistant can help make your properties more marketable by looking into all the things that attract buyers. They know what kinds of things potential buyers are looking for and can crunch the data to make your properties much more eye-catching. Running comparables, calculating after repair value (ARV) and calculating initial offers will help save you time and get more offers into sellers hands, faster!

Updating the CRM software

Keeping a solid client database is a great way to ensure you have a pipeline for future business. In order to keep tabs on them, many business owners have adopted CRM software to take the confusion out of the process. The only problem with that is that all that data entry can be a time consuming endeavor. Delegating this task to a virtual assistant finishes the sales process without a great time investment on your part.

Finding the Right Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

A real estate virtual assistant can be a game changer, but you’ve got to find the right one. If you choose a firm without experience in lead generation, you may get help making sure your daily tasks are completed, but you won’t get the leads you really want.

Finding a good lead generation virtual assistant delivers the best of both worlds. It allows you to keep yourself busy following up on your virtual assistant leads while they take care of your marketing campaigns as well as the day to day distractions.